September 21 - October 14, 2012

SIGNAL is pleased to present "Aver", the debut solo exhibition by Reid Strelow.

"Aver" consists of three large wooden sculptures and a series of derivative prints: Wheel, Drawing Machine, and Mortise & Tenon.

The sculptures on view recall traditional forms, in shape if not in their monumental scale: a slatted wheel on an axle, the track of a guillotine, a common woodworking joint. These sculptures are machines, shaped for their utility, taking their form from purpose. Wheel becomes its own printing press, neatly stamping its inked wooden slats, in each of their particularity, along a 30-foot horizontal print. The form of Drawing Machine serves as a guide by which the artist repetitively traces a silhouette in even, graphite lines across a doorframe sized sheet of black paper. Mortise, a towering 11-foot monolith, the female component of a fitted woodworking joint, waits alongside Tenon, its overturned complement.

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