Bennet Schlesinger • On The Bleached Sun (A Turbine)

May 31st - July 7th, 2013

"... It is not surprising that it is among solitary 'travelers' of the last century -- not among professional travelers or scientists, but travelers on impulse or for unexpected reasons -- that we are most likely to find prophetic evocations of space in which neither identity, nor relations, nor history really makes any sense; spaces in which solitude is experienced as overburdening or emptying of individuality, in which only the movement of fleeting images enables the observer to hypothesize the existence of a past and glimpse the possibility of a future."
- Marc Augé, from Non-Places

SIGNAL is pleased to present On The Bleached Sun (A Turbine), an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Bennet Schlesinger.

This exhibition coincides with the first anniversary of SIGNAL, and Schlesinger returns from having staged the inaugural exhibition.

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