John Dante Bianchi • DISLOCATION POINT

October 4th - November 3rd, 2013

Signal is proud to present DISLOCATION POINT, an exhibition of new works by John Dante Bianchi, on view from October 4th through November 3rd.

The relief panels begin as white foam boards. Acrylic masks out images as white spraypaint eats away at the uncovered styrofoam. The resulting panels seem to be heavily-degraded reliefs, geologically eroded. Representational elements seem to emerge from illegibility. The multiple applications of white play a muted scale in color and texture.

The sculptural figures are constructed of MDF. Elongated rectangular forms reassembled from angled cuts, variously twisting, folding over themselves, and collapsing. Layers of paint are applied and sanded off, leaving a blasted-out surface on which color pools like rust. Tones shift along the seams that bisect the figure, marking breakages in the linearity of the material.

Join us for an opening reception Friday, October 4th 7-10pm.

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