November 9 - December 15, 2012

SIGNAL is pleased to present Folds, an exhibition by Anna K. Miller, and the Brooklyn-based artist's first solo exhibition in New York.

Folds is a gallery-spanning installation: 700 yards of cheesecloth are draped from the structural beams in the ceiling, forming ghostly, semi-opaque curtains that section off the gallery floor. Frozen into shape with a mixture of glue and water, the draped cloth preserves the handwrung irregularities of the process in rippling folds. Viewers are invited along the path of the curtains, to become immersed within the installation, and to consider the forms made visible within the space and material.

Working through a limited palette of basic materials -- plywood, beeswax, honey, canvas, and cheesecloth -- Miller's practice has long focused on repetitive processes, the gradual accumulation of effects in a given material. Previous works have used the same combination of cheesecloth and glue to preserve objects in relief; this installation represents an expansion of the practice, continuing what Miller describes as "a conversation with material." A quality intrinsic to the material is recognized through experimentation, something unanticipated arises -- then is singled-out, repeated, and accumulated.

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