Selina GrÜter & MichÈle Graf

October 23rd - 26th

In association with Exchange Rates: The Bushwick International Expo, SIGNAL is proud to collaborate with Up State in Zurich to present an installation by Swiss artists Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf.

HORIZONS BUT MULTIPLE HORIZONS continues an ongoing collaboration between Grüter and Graf, and was developed as an offshoot of their year-long project "Watch the Sunset," a series of installations and public screenings that are focused around live stream footage of sunsets around the world. For their installation at SIGNAL, Grüter and Graf have installed two overlapping pieces in the black space of the gallery entrance: "Coming closer and won't close," a durational computer projection, and "Slide away between night and day," a digital print across four panels of extremely light and sheer polyester.

"Coming closer" uses an original computer code to slowly cycle through all colors of the light spectrum over the course of the exhibition (78 hours), eventually returning to the bright red of its beginning. The four panels that make up "Slide away," once a high resolution image of the sun setting over Casablanca, have been rendered onto billowing, nearly transparent organza, hung to bisect the installation space like their own horizon.

HORIZONS BUT MULTIPLE HORIZONS will run concurrently with Daniel V. Keller's ATTRACTIONS through October 26th.

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