curated by Goedele Bartholomeeusen & Kat Herriman

"The weight of video is not physical. It demands time, which is its own kind of space. Sitting in the dark with our favorite movies, we give over a fraction of ourselves to the screen. The good ones follow you home. Play and repeat over and over. The artists presented here are on our minds, under our skins. A little part of us for a little part of them."
- Kat Herriman, from the release

Watchlist is a program of short films and video, curated by Goedele Bartholomeeusen & Kat Herriman.

The films of Watchlist run on a 90 minute loop throughout the exhibition.


Kate Cooper
Danielle Dean
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Basim Magdy
Agnieszka Polska
Richard Sides
Sable Elyse Smith

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